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Different Country, Same Promos


During my 3 1/2 weeks on the small islands of Azores, Portugal, I was not expecting to find many promotional products, if at all. To give you some perspective, most of the islands only had one traffic light on them and almost all of them were smaller than the small population of Windsor Locks, CT. How would I be able to be on the search for promos and custom apparel when I struggled to find busy shops and restaurants open near my accommodations? 

When I finally went to Faial, one of the more populated and "happening" islands, I walked into a restaurant with a pleasant surprise. Napkin holders, chalkboard signs, kitchen pans and pencil cubbies were all on display! 

It was nice to be reminded that even though I was visiting a different country, with a completely different language, the promotional products industry was still alive and well. Sagres and Somersby, both popular alcohols in Portugal, were able to get their name out there in this smaller scaled restaurant. It even convinced me to get a beer!

Hopefully this reminds you to keep an eye out for promos whenever you're traveling, and even around home!

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