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Why Small Business Saturday is Important


It's the perfect time to appreciate our local vendors, now that tomorrow is Small Business Saturday! Aside from having personalized customer service and product diversity, small businesses have a lot to offer compared to big corporations. Not sure why shopping local is important? 

Take a look at our top three reasons to shop local!

  1. Strengthens the community.

    Small businesses are a great place for networking! It's easier to build relationships with small business owners and provoke positive changes in the community. They also create a unique, vibrant environment to draw out-of-towners in! They're also a customer to other small businesses. For example, your local diner is probably using a small advertising company nearby to help with their mailing lists!

  2. Generates a positive financial impact on your local economy.

    When you buy local, more of your money stays in YOUR community! Local businesses owners are more likely to give back to your community than big chains because they have a connection to the town, just like you do! They're more likely to support local nonprofits, sports teams and schools.

  3. Creates more local jobs.

    It's been found that many small businesses offer better wages and benefits to their employees than massive corporations. If a small business is doing well financially, there's more opportunity to expand their staff.

Still not convinced? Check out an example below!

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