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Our History

The 1979 Oil Crisis created the perfect opportunity for Karen Depray, owner and founder of Connecticut Advertising, to sell her first custom made t-shirt and kick start her business in promotional products. Karen, a recent Dean College Studio Arts graduate, was inspired by this unique period and began printing shirts in her garage that were different than anything anyone had ever seen before.

Because of the extreme shortage of gas, drivers were designated days to fill up their gas tanks based on whether their license plate started with an odd or even number. Using her past knowledge of the art of screen-printing, Karen was able to print Connecticut license plates that said "I'm Odd" and "I'm Even" on the front of each shirt. She sold her t-shirts at local gas stations and to people sitting in the long line of cars waiting to fill up their tanks. They became a big hit and made people smile during a tough waiting time! Selling thousands of shirts by the end of the gas crisis, Karen made enough money to help build her start-up, which is celebrating 36 years in 2016!

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Connecticut Advertising has 40 years of experience in the customized apparel and promotional product industry. We still service many of our flagship accounts such as Kaman Aerospace and Eastern States Exposition, just to name a few. We grew the business with in-house embroidery and screen printing facilities. This enabled us to learn the decorating business on apparel first hand. We have been on the State of Connecticut contracts since 1985 in the supplier diversity program for promotional products, servicing many state agencies, colleges and towns.

Our company has a strict policy of not proceeding into production with any imprinted item until the customer is completely happy with the design and layout of their logo. If this means 5 proofs before production, then that is what is done. If the order exceeds a certain dollar amount, we insist on a pre-production proof at our cost. Our vendors are also in agreement with our strict quality control standards and stand by their products. If a customers order did not deliver exactly as agreed upon, the order is redone at no cost to our clients. This rarely happens but our clients are covered 100% if it does.

Our employees and our company have a singular focus: Promotional Products. Our 40 years of experience as an organization, as well as the hands on approach of our owners, means that customers will receive the utmost care with a flexible, personalized approach. Many of our customers have been with us for all of those 40 years, and we hope you will join us!



Supplier Diversity Program Certificate