Behind The Brand: How Skullcandy® Is Shaking Things Up

Behind The Brand: How Skullcandy® Is Shaking Things Up

There's no doubt about it – Skullcandy® has been making some noise in the promo industry. The mobile-audio brand based in the rugged mountains of Park City, Utah, has carved out a niche as an edgy alternative for headphones and earbuds, combining a youthful spirit and underdog attitude.

Now that gift season's here, retail brands like Skullcandy® are a big focus. We did a Q+A with Scott Farnsworth, the company's national sales manager, to get the scoop on what makes Skullcandy® so unique.

Q: In the simplest terms, what is Skullcandy®?

A:We're the No. 1 brand for the youthful, adventurous audio consumer – for people who don't just want to hear the music, but actually feel it.

Q: What separates Skullcandy® from other brands in the mobile-audio market?

A: We're risk-takers. We seek out experiences that feed our minds and souls. We're the relentless underdogs who band together and think of youth not as a stage in life, but a state of mind.

Who's your typical customer.

A: Most of them want to be different from the "pack." They choose their own path, and they're neither scared nor apologetic about being their true selves in every way. They want adventure in a world that always seems to discourage it.

Q: Would you say Skullcandy® is a challenger brand? If so, how do you maintain that component of your DNA while evolving into such a popular brand?

A: For sure, we are a challenger brand in many ways. We challenge the big corporate brands with products at a fair price. We challenge the norms of design and color in the audio space. And we challenge the mindset of "falling in line" because that's what you're supposed to do.

How have the company's roots in Park City influenced the brand?

A: It's had a huge impact back from the very beginning in 2003. This is an area where adventure is a way of life, which translates to high-quality products you can rely on during all that adventure. It forces us to evolve and push forward with designs and technology our core customers demand.

Q: The promo industry is a little different from retail. What makes Skullcandy® such a great idea as a co-branded gift?

A: Well, who doesn't want something cool, that functions exceptionally well, and that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? With our mix of great design, style and technology – all in a product that can instantly get you in a great mood with your favorite music – it's kind of a no-brainer.

17th Nov 2020 Leeds

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