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Holiday Must Haves 2017 Holiday Guide


The 5 W’s of Promotional Products

Who buys promotional products? What kinds of products do they buy?Where do they find the products they want?When are they more likely to buy these products?Why did they decide to buy them in the first place

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Back to Basics

Okay, we've spent enough time talking about which promo items should be on your radar! Now's the time to get back to the basics and explain why our industry is so important.Any business, organization, team or school (etc!) can benefit from our products because they can meet various goals! Here are some of the most common [...]

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National CT Day!

       Connecticut State Flag - 8' x 12'     Item #: ZCSID-LDGFMNot all state flags are the same! Here's why...Extra care is taken in making these flags. Designs are researched to make sure that they are authentic and we use sturdy fabrics so that they can be flown outdoors, indoors, or carried in parades. [...]

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Attn: Green Thumbers!

Hello there, Green Thumbers! Today is a beautiful summer day and I'm thinking about fixing up my yard. On the off-chance some of you might be feeling the same way, here are some products you can give out to your customers or use yourself at home! If you click on the product, you'll be directed to [...]

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Let's Talk Linens


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