What’s New for 2021 – Sneak Peek!

What’s New for 2021 – Sneak Peek!

We’re looking forward to 2021 and all the great things we have in store for our Distributors as Koozie Group. Not only are we changing our name, but we’ve got new resources, selling tools, products and promotions to help grow your business. Here’s your sneak peek of everything new for the upcoming new year.

As Koozie Group, we’re on a mission to provide memorable promo solutions that insulate a brand’s image and preserve a best moment. But with promotional roots dating back more than 100 years, we’ll be sure to keep all the good stuff we’ve learned along the way. In fact, Koozie Group will still carry thousands of products across 10+ categories and the 40+ brands you know and love – especially BIC®!

Our all new What’s What Book is your #1 source for all you need to know about the products end users will love to keep. In one spot you’ll find new items and best-sellers across the most popular promo categories, product knowledge, research-backed trends insights, and case studies – Real-life examples of who is buying and how they are elevating their brand with promotional products right now.

  • Flexible workspaces that are here to stay, and businesses want promos that align with the new ways we are working. In other words, the opportunity for promotional products is huge. Not only are companies are sending appreciation gifts to support working remotely, they’re also giving branded gifts in situations where people are returning to the office.
  • Even more outdoor products! Did you know that 82% of consumers report keeping outdoor products because of their usefulness? (1) Plus, more people are exploring outdoor hobbies due to the pandemic, so there is even potential for added brand exposure via promos across almost every industry and demographic.
  • Expanding our assortment of PrevaGuard™ products that contain an EPA-registered antimicrobial agent molded directly into the product. This is an added layer of defense for the product against harmful microbes like bacteria, mold and mildew.
  • Promos designed with a focus on sustainability within the marketplace. Look for items made from recycled and sustainable materials like cork and recycled PET bottles. Plus, the KG Factor makes is easy to find promos that an impartial survey of end users would keep or give, adding brand impressions and achieving sustainability through longevity.
8th Dec 2020

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