5 Promotional Product Ideas to Get People Talking

5 Promotional Product Ideas to Get People Talking

11th Sep 2020

1 – Connect with the Imprint

Sure, promotional products are meant to get a business name, logo and/or slogan more exposure. However, adding a clever company-name related quip, meaningful expression or cool image can also add longevity an item’s lifespan. For example, why not put business info on one side of a Koozie® can kooler and a fun message or graphic on the other? Or relate a portion of the imprint to the item itself. Like adding “Adventure is Calling” alongside the logo on camping and hiking promos. Showing you understand what clients want and how items will resonate with end users will keep customers coming back time and time again.

2 – Be Savvy with Social

When it comes to social media, the idea is to actually be social! Post frequently and engage with your followers. Take images and videos up a notch by showing products in unique ways. In addition, make sure the promos you promote on social are eye-catching. Stay current with the latest trends and brands that are getting attention and relate that back to your product assortment in posts and social ads. If you’re not sure how to maximize your social media presence, check out this article with tips about how to use different platforms.

3 – Collectible Offers

Coordinating promo products build excitement for the potential of what is coming next. Not to mention, including a special offer or series of offers takes this idea to the next level. For example – Send hospitality clients a KAPSTON® Pierce Passport Wallet, and then wait a few weeks to follow up with the matching KAPSTON® Pierce Luggage Tag. Insert a coupon inside the luggage tag with an offer for a KAPSTON® bag order of their choice – anything from a duffel to a carry-on.

4 – Spread the {Promo} Love

There’s no better way to promote your business than to show off exactly what you can do! Create your own swag bag that includes your favorite promos, your business marketing collateral, business card and/or a special offer. At the same time, if you have a single item you want to promote, consider giving it as a gift to leads, friends and other businesses in your community. Then sit back (just for a minute, you do own a business after all!) and watch the word-of-mouth marketing take hold.

5 – Level Up your Landing Page

Our final tip for how to promote promotional products will help make sure your efforts don’t go to waste. Create a unique landing page on your website and include that web address on all your marketing campaign materials – including the product imprint. This will help you gather valuable information so you can track customers’ activity, assign actions and attribute sales to measure the ROI of your campaign. Taking care to learn more about the people who interact with your business will help you segment your audience and create a more personalized customer experience.