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The Role of Promo in Politics

The Role of Promo in Politics

22nd Jun 2020

Every election year provides big opportunities for political promotional product sales. In fact, in the last few decades, political marketing has become a multibillion dollar industry. Campaign managers and strategists have found candidate “swag” to be a powerful branding tool that can boost their entire platform, not just increase a candidate’s name recognition. (1)

Political branding has been around for centuries, but in more recent elections, digital technology and social media have taken things up a notch. Voters are paying attention to candidate’s relatability as much as their platform. The media has taken note of this shift in interest and is often more likely to cover the latest controversy instead of just policy points. (2)

As a result, campaign messaging has become more simplistic and focused – which lends itself well to promotional products. Focusing on a few key issues and an overall strategy turns into a slogan that promotes what a candidate is all about, in one simple message. So, what can we expect this election year? Traditional promos may move aside in 2020 for options that can still have an impact in the age of Coronavirus.

The third and fourth quarters usually have the highest percentages of promo sales to candidates and campaigns. Use these ideas for promo’s new role in politics to help gain more sales in the political sector going into the second half of 2020.